Our Progress

You can track our progress on the interactive map found here… RBE2014 Course Made Good

Alternatively, you can find out exactly where the boat is, in real time, by going to the Marine Traffic website as we have a Transponder on board that tracks us all the way and does not need power, internet,et al, so you’ll know where we are at any point in time.  So, got to the website below and type in ” ROUND BRITAIN EXPERI ” (as that’s the maximum number of letters) or our  MMSI number of 235085168 in the search box.

It tells you where we are at the time you inquire and also shows some recent history.

The static map below gives an idea of the general, planned, itinerary for the April departure of RBE2014. The actual route taken will, of course, be subject to weather and tides at the time. An interactive version of this can be found here.. RBE2014 Itinerary

RBE 2014 Initial Itinerary

Initial itinerary – subject to change


All maps used are courtesy of Google Maps