Thank you Hervé Sourisseau – Message In A Bottle Found

During our Round Britain Experience, I surreptitiously dropped overboard a “Message In A Bottle” bottle that was derived from a kit bought for me a long, long time ago by Moyna.

The original intention was that I would drop it overboard somewhere at the northern end of Britain and hope that it would make its way to some far off, very distant, romantic location and not be found for a hundred years or so. However, in all the excitement I clean forgot to do it. Only realising this on the Eastern coast I decided to wait until we were along the South Coast somewhere. Consequently I completed a real Bottle Over Board’ (‘BOB’) routine as we were sailing north from Guernsey and at the location 49′ 41.1N, 002′ 55.5W.

Today, 4th August, I received an email from a Mr Hervé Sourisseau who had found my bottle along the shore in Normandy at a town called Cabourg. That was some 110 or so nautical miles from where I dropped it overboard. Not a bad journey and it obviously washed up in one piece.  It was kind of Mr Sourisseau to take the time to contact me and he even offered to return the bottle to me filled with Calvados or Armagnac. So now I wish I’d dropped a Jeroboam size (3L) overboard and not the 100ml that did go! Only joking as I am very grateful that Mr Souisseau bothered to contact me at all.


4th August

(Note that I have to thank Tank for his assistance in sealing the bottle with hot wax. Not an easy job rocking around in the English Channel).

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