Prep, Prep and Prep Again.

Once settled, our new instructor came on board – Nick – to ‘prep’ us for the RYA Yachtmaster exam. There followed 10 or so days of pontoon bashing, sailing onto, and off, anchor or mooring buoy, Man Overboard (MOB) and general swotting up on IRPCS (No, not the International Regulations for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sailors but the International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea – ‘ColRegs’), weather and other associated yachting stuff.

A tough, and very pressured, period.

On Thursday (10th July) our examiner, Alan, joined us on board and immediately started putting us through our paces. That whirlwind lasted until mid-day Friday and entailed various tasks to be completed under the examiner’s watchful eye. A tough, very pressured 24hours.

In short, I must have displayed all the necessary attributes and was told that I would be recommended to become a Yachtmaster (Offshore) and needed only the ratification of the RYA. That was welcome news and the real icing on the RBE cake.


That’s all.

Goodbye, God bless and happy sailing.


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