The Episode of the Frozen Fridge.

Since I last wrote we (myself, Vera and Neil) have been busy swotting for the Yatchmaster’s exam next week 10/11th July. That entails a daily dose of ‘pontoon’ bashing – aka berthing the boat – as well as a daily practice at Man Over Board (MOB) drills at which, for some unknown reason, I am singularly failing to get right. I understand the principals and was able, on Kiki, to execute it near faultlessly but now there is an issue. Maybe I’m trying just a little too hard? And given that it is a cornerstone of the exam, and an instant ‘fail’ if not done correctly, I am under a little bit of pressure right now.

So, what’s been happening this week? Outside of our swotting and practicing – which is exceptionally tiring – the only real incident of note was the Episode of the Frozen Fridge.  South West Marine Training, who are running the course, must  have been seriously concerned about our diet – and maybe considered that we did not have enough calorific intake – as they had Sangers deliver provisions for us that could have fed ten people comfortably, not just the 3 of us. Bless. Its comforting to know that were being looked after. Thank you Mr Penman.

The provisions included a substantial amount of fresh foods (as a guard against us contracting scurvy) and meats that all had to be accommodated in a small chest type fridge, common on boats. After every nook and cranny in the saloon area had been filled with the non perishables, we loaded the fridge with the rest. Brimful is not an exaggeration.  Getting individual items out did entail, for a while, emptying most of the content each time said article was required. We got by. However, on one of the disembowelling forays, some article being removed or replaced must have caught the temperature switch and turned if full on. Ooops. The result the next morning, when I went in search of milk for breakfast, was that one half of the fridge and its contents were frozen solid, almost into one mass. Ooops again.

A quick audit indicated that we would have to eat, were we to follow the instructions to “consume within 24hours of defrosting”, 8Kgs of mince, 6 litres of milk, 40 rashers of bacon, 0.5Kgs each of green beans and courgettes, one cucumber, 300gms of cheese, 2kgs of mixed salad, 1 litre of ‘fresh’ soup (carrot & coriander) and 4 sticks of garlic bread (Edd, Don’t say it!). I defy even the best chef to make a meal out of that list of ingredients and not have any left-overs. However, we did our best by having bacon sarnies for brunch, soup for lunch and a bolognese type pasta for dinner. The fresh veg had to be dumped of course. We still have enough provisions left for the week so, fear not, we’ll survive.

Brixham is heaving with tourists but the weather these last few days has been great.

More later.


July 3rd Day 89


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