Goodbye To All That.

Back to Brixham

A couple of incidences in Salcombe that I forgot to mention. One is that (and possibly a reflection of its wealth) there were a great number of marble kerbstones! Neat touch.

The second, and one that had Neil and I in fits, was when we were having lunch in the local King’s Arms. A man was talking, loudly, to his acquaintance and telling him that “.. I’ve got a brand new combine ‘arvestor.” in a local accent. If you recall the song of the same name, from way-back then you’ll understand our merriment because the words and the accent were an exact copy. Almost a parody. On top of that, having imbibed on a reasonable quantity of the local brew, he repeated it again, not long after. Cue choking on a mouthful of beer. Obviously very proud but oblivious to the connection. I hope it serves him well in the harvesting season that’s fast approaching.


So, here we are, back in Brixham and only now does it properly feel like we’ve completed the circumnavigation.  And I must say that I really feel a very strong sense of achievement. Certainly on my Top 10 list of such.

People have been asking me “What Next?” to which I reply “Something Else”. Done this and got the T-Shirt (well, a polo shirt in reality. Thank you, Mr Penman) and some video. Plus lots of pictures.

Of course, I now have 2 weeks of intense prep for the Yachtmaster practical exam during which I’ll update you via this blog with maybe one or two more entries. No more.


So then, we are at the tail end of this blog/diary, I am certainly not going anywhere near waxing lyrical, or otherwise, on the journey, the people involved, the people we met or the experiences we faced, whether good or bad. Suffice to say that I will certainly remember it for a long, long time – until dementia overtakes and steals it from me at the Sunnyside Rest Home. I suggest that you try something like it for yourselves.

Cast off the bowlines. Explore Dream Discover”.

Goodbye. (For now)



June 29th Day 85


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