From there to there to here…

Not to be outdone by Duncs, Tank decided that he was chef de jour and prepared a whole roast chicken, roasted veg and potatoes. Smashing stuff. He did boast that, at home with his future wife, Emma, it was he who did the cooking. I did suggest that it may then be a good idea, as he was that keen, for him to cook for the team every day. Expletives, deleted.

Another leisurely morning in Jersey before we prepped and headed out, sans electronic plotter, back North to Herm, a little island to the East of Guernsey. As soon as we left the harbour, Tank decided that we’d have an ‘engine failure’ and so put us to the test as to how we’d manage should such an occurrence come about. After an initial bemusement at the engine dying (Tank had opened the engine hatch and executed a manual ‘stop’ of which we were unaware until the engine spluttered and died) Neil, as Skipper for the day, got us to hoist the headsail and, at least, get some steerage on the boat to enable us to manoeuvre. That was apposite as a (very) fast catamaran had shot out of Jersey harbour and was hot on our stern. A period of “who would blink first’ ensued with us standing on and the cat, seemingly, trying to bully us out of the way. I consider that he blinked first and altered course to avoid us. He still came close though. (Note to Mr Penman – It was not as near a miss as may be implied and we were in a perfectly safe position!)

Be that as it may, we’re ‘engineless’ and in the process of getting headsails up and set. Fortunately, for the first time in yonks, the wind was in the right direction and of such force that we were able to have a very, very pleasant sail, again in warm sunshine, up to Herm.

We arrived at around 9pm, anchored, had some pasta and a beer and went to bed.


Although my sleep had been disturbed given that, around 5am, I recalled that no one had taken the frozen meat out ready for our planned beach BBQ on Herm, the early morning on the anchorage was delightful. Smooth seas, a gentle swell and cloudless skies and warm sunshine.

Tank and Neil set off in the dinghy to reccie the beaches and landing spots. They returned , under oars, as the outboard had, once again, packed up. Poor fuel mix or some-such. Tank then spent a good hour taking the outboard and its carburettor apart – see Gallery – and seems to have fixed the problem.

During this period there was also a little excitement on the island. An RNLI lifeboat steamed by (nearly tipping Tank into the drink with its wake) as there had been a casualty of some description on the island. We had noted that a few small ferries had been disgorging people all morning – so there goes our idyl of being alone, as we very much were on the Isle of Muck, for our picnic – and one of them had obviously fallen ill.

In a change of plan, we decided to head around the corner to another section of the island with ome promising looking beaches. We were very well rewarded when we cam across this small sandy beach, albeit with a few people on, but which fitted our bill to a tee. We dropped the anchor very close in, packed our BBQ goodies, swimmers and sun-tan lotion into bags and headed for the beach. A traditional burger, sausage and haloumi cheese BBQ, a can of beer followed by a long walk circumnavigating the island. How lovely.

Back on board by 4:30pm, or so and a rest before the long, long journey to St Peter Port in Guernsey. Said long haul, of just under 5miles, ;-).

We arrived in St Peter Port a little after we’d left Herm, including the unfavourable tidal stream. Settled in on the pontoon (note, no electricity so we’re battery saving as hard as we can) and had dinner, prepared by Vera for the first time, of couscous, vegetables and spices. Nice, after which we headed for the local pub. ‘Local’ being the only thing nice about it. Flat beer and barmaids that only seemed interested in preening themselves for later escapades, whatever they may be.


In a last minute decision – such is sailing – we decided to leave early for Salcombe. Hence this rushed blog. Forgive any spellos.

See you in Blighty!


June 22/23/24/25th Day 78/79/80/81




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