A Rum Sail and a Rum Baba

Lowestoft to Woolvestone River Orwell

Lowestoft was a bustling town but had an air of retrospectiveness. A ‘Burton’ clothes store and a ‘Wimpy’ restaurant, both of which I believed had been cast into memory via that well-known high street malaise – insolvency. I am obviously wrong or the RBE boat, in that short but violent thunderstorm we passed through yesterday, has somehow been transported back forty years or so. (Idle thoughts come to mind about the paradoxes that such an event would bring about.)

Neil, for his trip down memory lane, decided to sample a Wimpy for lunch and reported back that little had changed. I recall, vividly, the Wimpy just outside Ealing Broadway station. I frequented that a lot in the mid ’70’s as it was a transit on my home from the City as well as being the town in which I studied, at evening classes, after work, for my Institute of Bankers’ exams. Memory lane is long and sweet when one has time to recall. Talking of ‘sweet’, I do recall that Wimpy used to do a particularly good Rum Baba in those days. Pure sweetness. Yum.

The sail from Lowestoft was under motor for most of the way. We did manage to get the headsail out for an hour or so but the point of sail that gave us was all wrong, so we folded that away and plodded on into Harwich and the Felixstowe Docks, up the River Orwell and berthed in Woolverstone Marina. An absolutely delightful spot – if one ignores the massive A14, Orwell Bridge a little way up-river – as it is surrounded by farm land and woods. Sweet reminiscences of home in Little Somborne.

One thing that I have noticed is the substantial amount of jelly fish in the river and around the marina. It’s obviously still tidal here but I wonder why there appear to be so many this year? I understand, after a quick search on the internet, that they are a common Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) but its unusual to find so many this far upriver. See www.mcsuk.org if it’s of interest.

Neil continues to prepare our passage plan into London and St Katherine’s Dock, next to Tower Bridge, where we change skippers and welcome Symon (aka Tank) on board for the last leg into Brixham.

We will also be welcoming a new crew member on board. A young woman called Vera, of German or Dutch nationality, is with us for the last leg as preparation for her Yachtmaster practical exam.

We’re off to Gravesend and a swing-mooring for the night so that we can catch the flood up into London.

And, whisper it very gently, the weather has improved considerably so the shorts are out and the slap-head cream on. 😀


June 10  Day 66

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