T-shirts and the toying weather gods.

Newcastle to Whitby

Goodness, what a difference a day makes? We awoke to find North Shields bathed in (not quite) warm sunshine so, after a peaceful morning, we slipped lines and headed for Whitby. The weather had changed appreciably to the point that Neil and Allan started off in T-shirts. Goodness again.  However, like unrequited love, their enthusiasm and anticipation was to go un-noticed by the weather gods.

We certainly made the most of the short spell of fine weather and thoroughly enjoyed the journey to Whitby. The later stages proved a bit choppy but we got into Whitby harbour around 8pm, tied up at a waiting pontoon until the swing-bridge could be opened (9:40pm), and had dinner.

It cannot go un-said that the culinary skills of our leader, Duncs, are top. Luncheon comprised of sandwiches of ham, cheese and salad wrapped inside two huge slices of olive bread, fresh from the local baker in Tynemouth, with a hint of mayo.  Dinner of a sausage bake alongside mashed onion potatoes, cabbage and a cauliflower cheese. Top work Duncs.


Back to the weather gods (Thor, Woden?) that have been plaguing us of late. Having teased us with a beautiful morning in North Shields, and overall a lovely day, they have, through their servants on earth round at the Met Office, clearly indicated that, should we dare set forth from Whitby today, Saturday, they will unleash their wrath in the form of a Force 6, set it on ‘the nose’, make it ‘variable’ and throw in some thunder and lightening to boot. Goodness, once more.

The aggregate of all that lot means that we, in clear deference to those deities and their warnings, should stay in port. We intend to do just that.  Unfortunately, the corollary to an unexpected day in port is that Duncs (he of the culinary skills set) has decided that he will bring forward the RYA Yachtmaster theory exam. Goodness, I echo. That’s a full 4 days early.  We start at 10:30 and it lasts for several hours.

Wish me luck.


Whitby, from what I’ve seen, at sea level, looks to be quite a nice place. Post-exam I shall explore, particularly a hostelry called The Jolly Sailor, a nom de plume I have used for several years. It would be churlish not to put my head round the door.

Wish me luck.

Note  – The Gallery and tracking map have both been updated.


June 6 & 7, Day 62/63

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