Short n Sweet.

Amble to Newcastle (for the Brown, of course)

Neil, as Skipper for the day (or, as Duncs likes to call it, First Mate) insisted on an early rise to leave Amble (recall, without an ‘Aitch’) en route for Newcastle.

North Shields, to be more precise, and the Royal Quay marina. Very  neat but not as Royal as the harbour we’d left behind in Edinburgh.

Arrived shortly before mid-day and spent some time un-jamming a jammed block, whipping a few sheet-ends and bunging up a leaking transom drainage pipe, all nauticalia, of course.

Lunch was simple and it was heads-down planning for a few intensive days ahead to get into London on time.


Having just left Scotland I did want to mention just how friendly and welcoming the people were. All the way round, from West to East, I cannot recall coming across anyone who wasn’t polite, courteous and willing to say “Hello” or offer help where it was needed. Thank you Scotland and good luck in whatever you decide for yourselves in the referendum – Vote “Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No, Sometimes Maybe’.


That’s all I have to offer today. Writers’ Block.

Off to Whitby tomorrow under Allan’s leadership.






June 5th, Day 61

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