Because it doesn’t have an Aitch in it!

Eyemouth to Amble

We left Eyemouth at 10am after me having given the team a briefing on Estimated Positioning.

We left on the ebb of the EyeWash river (I am not making that up) and out into the cool North Sea, clouded in low cloud and some mist. However, there was a good breeze so we hoisted the sails and off we went at a good clip. Well, 7knots.

Our destination was a short hop to Amble. No, not Hamble, but Amble because it doesn’t have an Aitch in it. The Americans would be confused, at this point, as they are convinced that the word ‘Herb’ does not have an aitch either and hence they say “Erb”. Ivy League education for you…

As with yesterday, the rains came and soaked Allan and I once more. Neil, cannily, was below planning our arrival into London (as it does take some planning, given the multiple channels and sheer weight of traffic). It became clear that those same rain gods from yesterday have no respect for the fact that, today, I was in charge.

Duncs, also down below, was planning his surprise Man-Over-Board drills. Of which, today, we completed 3. A very testing manoeuvring skill, especially with a strong tide.  We need to work on this skill over the next few weeks, clearly.

The journey was brightened by the arrival of a House Martin who, seemingly exhausted, came and perched, unafraid, on our safety lines for a period of time. See Gallery. At least, I think its a House Martin. Maybe the soul of some long lost sailor… (“Too deep, Tony. Too deep, lighten up”)

Landed at Amble in time for dinner and a rest.

We are due to leave tomorrow, at 7am, for Newcastle. Or, as Moyna pointed out, Hen Party Central on a Thursday night. I do believe that I will stay in my cabin, with the doors locked and lights out, until they pass or pass-out, which ever is the sooner.


June 4th, (D) Day 60 ?


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