Stromness and Beyond.

We left Scrabster this morning, Tuesday 20th, and headed north to the Orkneys and Scapa Flow. Setting off in bright sunshine and a fresh breeze, we made good headway, under sail for a change, toward our destination for the night – Stromness.

Brightness soon turned to dimness and an unhealthy low level of visibility. However, it did not get so bad as to cause us to break out the fog horn again but it was poor. But the strengthening winds, which before would have been frowned upon, brought us very good sailing. The day passed with few distractions and our sail through Scapa Flow was brilliant. Hairy at times, but brilliant. And well worth the additional wait.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we embark on what is planned to be a 36hour continuous haul up to the northern end of the Shetlands at Muckle Flugga. I’ve not been on a boat – sailing continuously – for anywhere near that length of time so this will be where I find out about myself and what my real strengths or weaknesses may be. Watch for the updates on that.

Stromness, where we are for the night, is, well, Stromness. A very picturesque town but in a dour sort of way. (I’ll be uploading some pictures to the Gallery as soon as I can). Reminiscent of a cross between the fictional village in ‘The Prisoner’ and the real-life town of Medina in the heart of Malta. Few retail opportunities but a sufficiency of pubs!

Penne pasta for dinner.



May 20th Day 45

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