Busy Doin’ Nothin’ but Watch Out, Here’s the New Skipper.

I have been maintaining radio silence as we’ve been stuck in Scrabster for a few days longer than we expected waiting for the new Skipper and I’ve had nothing worthwhile to say. Some maintenance of the boat was required : Re-seating some hose on the engine’s coolant overflow tank to stop coolant leakage. Emptying the stern locker of the surplus water brought in by an un-emptied dinghy. Taking the ‘hairball’ out of the shower’s drainage pump. (Yuk).  Finding gas refills for our gas cooker. Washing my socks. Such fun.

Well  the new Skipper has arrived and he joined the boat late on 19th. A Mr Alastair Watson, ex-RAF. His arrival is a big boost to morale as, after 5 days here, we’re starting to go stir crazy and want (need?) to get out on the water.  He will obviously have his own style and way of doing things, as observed before, so we’re anticipating that we can learn a lot from him.  I’ll keep you posted. We are addressing him as Al. (And here I am honestly working really hard in resisting the temptation to use the Tally-Ho, Elementary, ‘Call me Al’ connections. They may, however, slip in to the conversation in the days ahead).


Our plan is that, on Tuesday, we’ll head up to Scapa Flow and westward across to Stromness for the night. Obviously going into Scapa Flow on the 100th anniversary of the Great War may be, given this area’s linkage with the Royal Navy and the scuppering of the German fleet after that war, a little sobering.

After that, Al would like us to attempt to get up to the Shetlands and sail around Oosta (‘Outstack’) which is the northernmost point of the British Isles and some 600meters north of Muckle Flugga Lighthouse. That, as Al has said, would be an iconic journey.  We’re all raring to go.

That’s all.

Must dash Chaps, we’ve heard the siren to scramble, slip lines and fly out of here before the bandits arrive. TH!



May 16-19th, Day 41-44






May 16th Day 37

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