3 Across – Flag error in Trailes?

The journey up from Craobh Marina to Tobermoroy was pure delight. Lovely sailing conditions, relatively calm seas, a good breeze and little rain. We went via Oban, itself a good looking town, in order to pick up some fuel having been given a good tip that it was cheap there. We aborted that refuelling given that it was found to be nearly 50% more expensive than Tobermoroy – which Merv ascertained in a phone call he made to them. Hence we sailed out of Oban – first, out of nosiness, circling a super yacht called Hampshire II, one of two such super yachts owned by the super-rich Mr Jim Radcliffe we found out later – and on to Tobermoroy up the Sound of Mull. Very picturesque – see gallery – if a little busy at times.  Merv gave us a lesson on knots as, it seems, we’re behind the curve on them and need to improve. On Friday we are having a Knot-Off competition – if that’s not an offence in these puritan Islands – to see whether we have mastered them.

A disappointing dinner was had at the very nearby bar/restaurant but said disappointment was compensated for by forgoing the puddings in favour of a wee dram of the local whisky. (Is it whisky or whiskey?)


In sailing, when going into foreign ports or harbours, it is customary to fly the national flag of that nation. We did this in Ireland and we planned to do it in Scotland. I’m not sure that we haven’t made a booby as we only have the ‘Royal Standard of Scotland’ and not the Saltire (Or St Andrew’s Cross) which is the official National Flag. Now, flying the Royal Standard is restricted by an old act of Parliament and so unofficial use is an offence. I believe a quick visit to the local chandlery is in order to buy a Saltire before we get banged up in the prison of a (soon to be) independent nation. That, as an Englishman, does not appeal.


Today is a pause for breath to get those little chores done (cleaning, laundry) before we set off for the smaller islands where facilities are somewhat limited, if not non-existent (such as internet), and where we’ll be anchoring for most of the time, weather permitting.

We’re planning Muck for lunch tomorrow. By that I mean we’re sailing to the island of Muck and anchoring for lunch. From there will keep going north to Rhum to anchor up for the evening and for the night.

Given the above, there may be a period of radio silence from RBE2014 (me!) for a few days. Track us here.. MarineTrafffic

Independence ?   Vote… “Sometimes Yes”, “Sometimes No”, “Sometimes Maybe”.


Day 32 May 7th

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