Scotland, and Asda, Beckon.

We’re about to change Skippers as Duncs goes back to Brixham and we welcome on board Mervyn. He’ll skipper us along the West coast of Scotland and around the north as far as Scrabster. We may depart tomorrow, Saturday, depending on the weather conditions. But, as we’ve discussed recently, those plans may “.. gang aft agley” , as they say in this part of the world.

We’re going, of course, before the independence vote so they still use Sterling (a sore subject for some of the leaders of the Yes – to independence –  vote) as their currency.  I won’t need a passport yet, either.

Now, you will see from any basic map of the Western Isles that some are quite remote. That means at least 3 things. No decent shower for a few days, a building laundry basket and little internet connectivity. That also means that, although I will be writing this blog daily, I may only be able to publish it in multi-day chunks, as and when I can get internet access.  So, bear with on that.

If I do have access then I will also update the tracker map which you can find, as always, by following the link to the Google Maps page here.. RBE2014 Course Made Good.

If I do go out of internet range you can still find Round Britain Experience on the Marine Traffic website ,which tracks us automatically and in real-time.


Last evening I was given the food budget for the next leg as its my turn to provision the boat with vital victuals. It is a good test of my planning skills (damn, there’s goes that gang aft agley thought again)  as well as remembering what each crew member likes or dislikes as well as their level of competence in the galley. Whilst not at Masterchef standards, we each have demonstrated that we can provide good wholesome meals. So no concerns there. The target remains, generally, solid comfort food. Thank goodness though for Nando’s Piri sauce (Thanks again, Bob) which seems to make its way into most dishes.  

So, I’m off to start the shopping list and then out to Asda as, alas,  there’s no Waitrose. We’ve already had a high proportion of ‘mince’ dishes (Shepherds Pie, Chilli, Bolognese) which are good but I will steer the menu toward more pasta with ready-made sauces. Although I’ve seen no sign of scurvy – as  if I knew what I was looking for – we do need more fruit in store. So that’s on the list.

Recipe ideas are very welcome but they have to be simple. Ideally one-pot meals are the best.


Day 27, May 2nd.


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