SpongeBob Tony and the Flooded Engine Bilge.

Thursday, Mayday, in Bangor Marina and most of the morning spent assisting Duncs and Neil (an engineer, no less) trying to find and fix the internal water leak on the boat. Said leak was putting 15-20litres of clean water into the engine bilge, not only emptying the water tanks but creating a task for the crew. Namely, to empty the engine bilge with the only means possible, a sponge, as a sponge was the only viable tool to squeeze through the small gap, past the engine, and into the bilge. We did supplement this with junior sized nappies – and you would not believe how much liquid they can hold nowadays – but they are expensive and should be saved for messier mopping up tasks, such as oil and diesel and stuff.

So, emptying this bilge was simply a task – on hands and knees in order to get into the engine compartment – of soaking the sponge, retrieving it and then squeezing it into a waiting bucket. Repeated many times until the bilge can be declared dry.

Duncs and Neil spent a considerable time trying to trace the leakage but to no avail until a call to Tank (see much earlier bloggs) revealed a previous leak in the stern shower fittings. A place we’d simply not looked. Hooray for that as a known side effect of this leak was a constantly noisy water pump that kept us all awake with its metronomic sounds created as it kept re-pressurising the system. (At least that’s my interpretation. Neil will tell me if I’m wrong). We’re all looking forward to a more peaceful night. However, as I mentioned yesterday, and as Robbie Burns put it originally,  “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley’ or, in the colloquial, “It’s All Gone Pete Tong”. Ask me in the morning if it has. At least my hands are clean. Wrinkled like a prune, but clean.


Bangor Marina is, well, a first class marina that is very well kept, well run, has very good facilities and with very personable staff. (Although the Wi-Fi is currently playing up). I would certainly come here again given the chance. Local shops are all fine and everything needed can be had from those local shops. Although we may have to travel out of town to a bigger supermarket to replenish the beer supply.


Hello Doha !  If any of my dear old friends in Doha have been following this,  I would love to hear from you, so please get in touch.


Day 26, May 1st

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