Another Day in Port.

Having arrived last evening, Sunday, into Carlingford, after a heavy day at sea, we took the easy option of going into town for our evening meal. Fish n Chips and Burgers in a pleasant enough pub.

This morning, Monday, we’re relaxing as bad weather is due so we’re sitting tight and doing all those little chores we cannot complete whilst under sail. I would be doing laundry but the facilities are below par so I’ll wait for Bangor.

Tuesday we’ll sail North toward Bangor and Belfast with Allan as 1st Mate and Passage Planner for the day.  Before we depart we have Duncs starting the Radar Course.

Plan is to leave for Strangford Lough in the morning after said Radar course and stay there for one night before arriving in Bangor. Where we change Skippers/Instructors.

‘Nuf Said


Day 23/24 April 28/29th

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