“..Where the girls are so pretty..”

A largely quiet day. The Irish National Youth Sailing Championships were cancelled due to the poor conditions (wind, mostly) and that also accounted for us, on RBE, staying in port. Planning for the start – in the morning and at 8:50am – of our journey to the Isle of Man and the port of Peel, has been completed. We are now in the hands of the weather and our maker.


Here in Howth we had torrential rain overnight and that lingered into the morning. After completing my planning I decided to head into Dublin for a sightseeing tour. I took the DART light railway system into the City centre and walked, past the famous Trinity College, into the shopping district as I was still on a mission to find a good ‘mid-layer’ to provide some additional warmth. Dublin shopping is little different from anywhere else. Major chains, unique boutiques, many coffee shops and many pubs. I went into M&S (and they have also lost their way here as much as they have at home. The range is very poor. I only wanted some thermal vests, FGS!) and then into Arnot’s – somewhat similar to Selfridges in many respects. There I found a couple of long-sleeved polo shirts to replace the ones I had shrunk in the tumbler. Oops, expensive error. These new ones will just have to dry out pegged onto the Topping Lift or the Genoa sheet.  (Note that the sailing terminology is creeping in. Either that means that I am getting more confident in what I am doing or that I have just this minute revised my Dayskipper handbook. Pages 4 & 5. Names of all the various parts of a yacht. You decide.)

I also found an outlet of ‘Base Camp’ and picked up a mid-layer Helly Hansen sailing jacket in a brilliant red colour. It will do the job I need it to, so care I not about the colour. Just wait for those first photos.

And in between Arnot’s and Base Camp I got drenched in a heavy shower of rain. Never mind. A day out is a day out. (However,  I categorically deny that it was of the Out Out variety)

My afternoon was pleasant enough watching Saracens destroy the French team Clermont. Spectacular.


And so, to end the day in an appropriate manner, please sing-along with me… “In Dublin’s fair city, Where the girls are so pretty…’ . Goodnight and goodbye Ireland.


Day 21 26th April

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