A ‘Nothing Much to Report’ Day.

So, Milford Haven, huh? On an Easter (Bank Holiday) Monday? This boy knows how to live.

This has not been the most exhilarating of days. A walk around the town early in the day took no time at all. A high number of betting shops (open) and charity shops (closed) is just a mirror image of many other towns severely impacted by the slow economic growth of the early 2010s.  That said, there appears to be a clique of local artists around supplying some of the shops with ‘craft’ artefacts and the marina seems to be providing some support to the local economy. Hope yet.

For the crew of the RBE, we spent a few hours doing the Diesel Engine course designed to instruct us in what to do should the engine conk out mid-channel. After a few hours studying primary filters, fuel pumps, isolation valves, water cooling, impellers, injectors and siphon breakers (don’t ask), we all passed. That’s another RYA accreditation we have gained so far, along with Sea Survival, VHF Radio and First Aid. They’re adding up. Only ‘Radar’ left to do of the shore based courses. Ping….. Ping….. Ping……

As for the diesel engine conking out, surely everyone nautical has heard of SeaStart, the marine equivalent of the AA? No point in getting hands dirty if it only takes a quick phone call and the SeaStart boys turn up on their lovely yellow RIB, salute (unlike the AA nowadays) and fix your problem while you sip a G&T on the Poop deck overseeing the operation?


The outlook for the next 24 hours is that we are planning to leave MH at around 10am, after refuelling, and make our way to Howth, on the outskirts of Dublin. My fellow crew member, Neil, has been tasked with making the Passage Plan for this journey, with his workings overseen by the Skipper. We anticipate a 20hour journey so lets hope the wind and weather are good to us. I also hope that my new, unbelievably charming , friends, the porpoises, accompany us for some of the journey. Passage Planning is a key skill that we must learn and we can only really learn by doing – which we are. Its my turn to do the next one from Howth to the Isle of Man. Where’s my A-Z of Douglas?



Day 16  April 21st

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