Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Newlyn evening on cooking duties (the fish was lovely fried – thank you Alan Murchison for the tip) and an early-ish start for the Isles of Scilly.

We motored out of Newlyn and set our course for a relatively short haul to St Mary’s (Moyna, its really lovely and you’ll enjoy your stay there. 🙂 ) but, once again, little wind meant we were on engine most of the way.

Very little to mention en route. Few boats around and fewer yachts.

The water around St Mary’s is a clear, light blue. We were accompanied for quite a lot of the way by various schools of Porpoises. I have been charmed off my feet with their, seemingly, inquisitive nature and willingness to entertain with dives and tumbles and general frolicking around the boat. (Talking of a frolicking – I did get one from the Skipper for not concentrating on my helming duties, given the distraction of trying to get that killer photograph of Flipper’s distant grand-cousin).

So, St Mary’s is, well, St Mary’s. Absolutely delightful and somewhat quaint, which only adds to its charm – but not as much charm as my friends the Porpoises, of course. Obviously geared for the tourist and visitor and I assume its uniqueness is the reason it seems so expensive. Good pubs and shops and a very warm welcome from the Harbourmaster. Our only issue was that, as we were moored to a buoy in the harbour, we had to pump up the dinghy, set the outboard, and motor in over slightly choppy waters. Still, we dried out quickly in the warm April sunshine. The sunset was terrific. See Gallery photos here.

The night was uncomfortable as we rode the buoy in, as mentioned, slightly choppy waters which caused RBE to keep bumping into said buoy. Now, a metal cylinder of 3feet width and similar depth makes quite a noise when it bashes against the side of the boat. And in a metronomic fashion too. It seemed to have my corner of the boat in its cross-hairs and, I swear, it knew when I had slipped into sleep with such accuracy that, in the end, I didn’t. Things that go bump in the night, huh?

A great shame we could not stay longer but, on advice from the weather gurus, we decided to leave early the next day for Milford Haven – being the best port to launch our assualt on the Irish mainland sometime next week, as well as to shelter us from the coming bad weather.

Goodbye St Mary’s, I definitely want to come back with BW.




Day 13 April 18th