Yealm and the lesson of the shorts…

Dartmouth was, well, Dartmouth. Picturesque but a little too twee for me. Probably haven’t recovered from the psychological damage done by having a shower in, effectively, a public toilet block. However, I need to get used to that because, I am told, there is worse to come. Oh dear.

Our plan is to go from Dartmouth to Yealm  and from there to Fowey (said “Foy”) onto Falmouth and, possibly, Newlyn before heading offshore properly to go to the Isles of Scilly. From there, a long, long sail to South Wales before crossing the Irish Sea where we will work our way up to Dublin – visit my ‘Tracking’ page here… – and don’t forget that this map is inter-active. Click on any of the Yacht symbols for more information about that location.

Today’s journey to Yealm was really uneventful. The lack of wind caused us to motor all the way. And motoring, while it served its purpose, meant a lot of vibration and a few diesel fumes. A brilliantly sunny day, but cool in the shade was the counterpoint. Although yesterday I got sunburn (not much, BW) on the top of my left ear I could not balance it out today with that right. Still, there’s time. (Not sure why I just told you that about the left ear. I must be drifting into waffle)

The RBE crew are gradually learning to relax a little in each other’s company and along with the Skipper (Instructor) as well. He, Duncs, is a cracking sandwich maker so the last 2days we’ve had excellent lunch time fare along with tea and the obligatory HobNob.

Yealm is really very pretty indeed and seemingly all private residences with 4 pubs.  This afternoon, we dragged the tender (small dinghy) out of the rear locker, pumped her up and went for a play in the river and surrounds. Not for too long as it was cold and getting colder. I had made the mistake of putting on some shorts (What, in mid-April? The boy’s a fool) which was a mixed blessing. Fine when in the sun and sheltered but not when turning the headland to be confronted by a very brisk wind and a lot more spray over the bow. Still we live and learn.  At my age it would be logical to expect that I had that lesson – i.e. no shorts in April – under my belt by now. Sadly, no.  We continue live and learn and forget.

Dinner of pork steaks, brocolli, beans and new potatoes. Very good and just the ticket after our exploits on the River Yealm – a sort of combo of ‘Swallows & Amazons’ and ‘Three Men in  a Boat’.


Day 9 14th April