And so it began…

We put to sea around 11am and turned our stern to Brixham (and will not see her again for 11 or 12 weeks) and headed out into the wide blue yonder – Torbay.

Neil (Principal at SWMarine Training) came out on the RIB to wave us goodbye and take some parting photos together with a video. They will appear on the Round Britain Experience website (here.. and on their Facebook page at some point.

We spent a few hours practicing Man Over Board routines in very calm winds and headed into Dartmouth for our first overnight stop away from Brixham. We have moored on the Town Quay which is used, during the daytime, by the local ferries. Given that, we have to be off by 8:30am so an early night.

I have introduced my fellow crew, and Skipper, to the joys of Hobnob biscuits as a snack during the journey – and am passing this on having learnt of those joys from Mr Krasno – another sailing nut friend of mine. Needless to say, the Hobnobs went down a treat. Supplies replenished at Dartmouth Co-Op who were, would you believe it, offering packs at half price. Resisted the temptation to buy a couple of boxes and bought 4 packs instead. That should see us through the morning. 🙂 . We took turns to helm RBE throughout the day while Duncs (our Skipper and instructor) made lunch for us. Ham & Salad sandwich for me and cheese & ham toasties for the rest. Nom, nom.

Dartmouth is, as most know, as exceptionally picturesque harbour. So much so, of course, that all the Easter holiday crowds are gathering. It feels a little upmarket and my search for kiss-me-quick hats and sweet rock came to no avail. They is still the , now, ubiquitous mixture of Chinese and Indian take-aways plus a myriad of tea shops et al but, thankfully, no sign of Big M and their ilk.


Shower time was interesting as we had to walk down the main road to a building housing one set of the town’s public conveniences behind which was a number of showers for use by all – and free of charge. They were well kept with plenty of hot water. It was still an unusual set-up and somewhat strange.


Off to Fowey (said ‘Foy’) tomorrow. Can’t wait. I have begun updating the tracking map here..

so please go have a look where I am and where I’ve been.


Pooped. Goodnight.



Day 8 13th April