Calm before the storm?

Saturday spent shopping (Beer supplies) and laundry. Used a tumble drier for the first time in 30 years. Suspect I may have to go on a diet to wear some of the clothes again – “Hey, Honey, I shrank the Mustos!”

After the shopping –  in Sainsburys and on a Saturday morning, so goodness knows what we were thinking – I spent a couple of hours doing the Brixham tourist route. Picturesque, working, harbour with lots of pubs and chip shops but little else apart from the obligatory souvenir shops. Had a very nice seafood lunch, on the edge of the harbour, of whelks and a cup of tea. The last time I did something similar was in Sydney in 2007; grilled Barramundi and salad, glass of pinot and a table overlooking the opera house and the harbour bridge. Not quite the same but I cannot pinpoint the exact differences.

Tomorrow we set sail into the unknown. Well, Dartmouth actually and the first stop before we head to the land where “..there be dragons..” . Is that near Plymouth?

A basic itinerary is beginning to take shape and early ideas include Fowey, Falmouth, Newlyn and then the Isles of Scilly for Easter before heading up the East coast of Ireland.

Off out this evening for our last meal in Brixham for several months so I’ll Tweet (@RBE2014) during that if I can.


Day 7 12th April