First Aider…

Thursday. So it must be Plymouth and the First Aid course on dry land. The omens were not good on this as I’d singularly failed to make a sticking plaster stick on a small wound (Moyna, don’t worry as little blood lost) I’d incurred trying to push the boat off the pontoon mainly in order to prevent an occurrence of ‘Pontoon Bashing’ – see yesterday’s post. Prevented the Bashing but, in gratitude for my heroics, the boat gave me a skin tear in the base of my thumb. As an aside, I’ll be extremely grateful if that’s the only injury I incur in the next 3 months.

So, to the First Aid course. The venue was a Travelodge meeting room in Plymouth with 17 other attendees, including 2 service Marines (Stand up and salute!). Now, bedrooms in a Travelodge are not exactly large and the same goes for their meeting rooms. 18 people and one instructor, in a south facing room with little ventilation, is a recipe for Heatstroke (the remedy of which can be found in the manual and so I refer you to page 58 of the official First Aid guide). The contingent from the Marines – may God bless them – seemed to have a story for every illness, disease, wound or any other medical condition mentioned by the instructor. Their recanting was amusing at first but progressively gory as the day progressed. #queasy.

I now have RYA Accreditation for First Aid. And I have learnt the causes and remedies for so many conditions that I now feel that,  when back on civvy street, I will be able to walk past accident, much as I did before, but now confident in the knowledge that, if I had chosen to help, I could have done so.

Tomorrow is sea survival day or, as its technically known, Personal Safety Training. I understand that several of the Somerset farming community are joining the course in preparation for next winter.



Day 5 April 10th