Man Overboard…

A rather languid start to the day with Tank (instructor) arriving at 9:30am. Coffee first and then a briefing on the day ahead.

Boat handling skills were the order of the morning session and we each (Neil, Allan and I) took turns at what Tank described as “Pontoon Bashing” . In other words, close manoeuvres in the marina practicing coming alongside, reversing, going round in circles (on purpose) and general boat handling skills. I can report that we did not bash any pontoons. Rather the opposite – being so scared that we were going to bash into them – we took it very cautiously indeed.

Lunch consisted of a well known make of Cornish Pasty followed by me rushing to the chemist for some eye wash – having rubbed in a good dose of sun cream into one eye. So now it looks like I’ve had a very hard day’s night (as someone once sang).

Afternoon – Hurray! – we got the Round Britain Experience yacht out for our first sea trials and had a very pleasant sail around Torbay practicing – you’ve guessed it – gybing, tacking, reefing and de-reefing (see yesterday’s blog). The truth is that we did tacking and gybing but mostly Man Over Board routines. Not a real man, of course, but a simulated man crafted in a Frankensteinian fashion using a fender and a shore line. And christened ‘Bob’  but not after my daughter, Bob. Although the speed at which it would get away from us was rather reminiscent of Bob (my Bob) on one of her Queen of the Mountain rides up Boxhill.

All rather boring really until Bob (‘Fender’ Bob) got caught on one of the rudders before we could hoist it aboard (mea culpa on that one), at which Tank took control, and ordered us to undertake several nautical procedures all aimed at getting Bob (“Fender’ Bob) off the rudder. It worked. ’nuff said. Sailed home for tea.

A dinner of Chilli Con Carne – a very welcome and filling meal – courtesy of Neil. A glass of red, then off to study first aid ahead of tomorrow’s course in Plymouth with a 7:45 start. CLEAR!

No photos today as I inadvertently deleted them on my camera before I could upload them… boo hoo.


Day 4