A day by the seaside…

Well, well, well. Tuesday was the day for hands-on practical sailing and, true enough, we got out on a yacht called Nashira for most of the day. The instructor, Tank, arrived at the allotted time and , after a coffee, set about briefing us on the yacht, questioning us about various aspects of sailing (i.e. testing our knowledge) and getting us ready for a day’s instruction.

After a short motor out into Torbay, it was a (very full) morning  of Gybing, Tacking, Reefing, de-Reefing. After that we did Gybing, Tacking, Reefing, de-Reefing. And after that we did Gybing, Tacking, Reefing, de-Reefing. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

We anchored for lunch just off Paignton pier. Tank gave us instructions on some aspects of anchoring after, of course, questioning us on how we should do it. Then he put us right.

That is, I believe, the style of instruction for this RBE… we are asked how we would do it. In other words, being made to think for ourselves rather than blindly following instructions. “Think about what you are doing, why you are doing it. What the consequences may be”

The light luncheon of sandwiches prepared earlier by Neill and myself (ham, chicken and salad) were very welcome. Followed by a Mr Kipling Apple Pie and lubricated with black tea. Yum!

No time to power-doze so the afternoon session began quickly and was …. you’ve guessed it… Gybing, Tacking, Reefing, de-Reefing! At least initially. Then a long ‘broad reach’ back to harbour and the cleaning of Nashira and general tidying.

I prepared a dinner of ravioli, salad and garlic bread (Garlic? Bread?) alongside a beer and whilst watching Chelsea play PSG.

After which I wrote this blog… and am still writing it.


Better call Moyna



Day 3, 8th April

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