VHF Success…

Our first full day. And full it has been. Although notionally not due to start until 9:30am, I still rose at an earlier hour to prepare, make tea and have breakfast (Crunchy Nuts Cornflakes, Banana and a slice of bread – in case my dietician is looking!).

Did not sleep very well as need to get my sea legs back (or, rather, marina legs back as we’ve not so much as had a sniff outside the breakwater yet) with the insomnia aided by the high wind and heavy rain playing a somewhat disjointed melody on the cabin sole. And if I can identify that yacht owner that has been selfish enough not to tie his halyards back, then words shall be said. Something appropriate from the phonetic alphabet.  Perhaps Mabel can help with that one, eh?

So, all day on the VHF Radio instruction course. Neil, Allan and I were joined by 5 other students and the tuition was led by Matt, aided by Tank. Theory was learnt, including some of the more esoteric technical detail, as well as a good dose of practical practice. I am sure that this will stand us in very good stead in the weeks ahead.

Well, the good news is that all who sat the exam passed. Allan and I were exempt as we already had our certificate. I must say that the course was well received by me as it allowed me to recall, and use, some clearly forgotten skills.

In lieu of sitting the exam, Allan and I helped Tank move the boat to its normal pontoon position, on F pontoon. So we now have shore power and the comforts that go with it, to wit, hot water and the ability to recharge our depleted Apple products. Oh, and we can have toast in the morning. Bliss.

Tank clearly is a very competent and, seemingly, skilled sailor and made moving the boat look exceptionally easy. He’s our skipper on the last leg (London to Brixham – see here) so I am sure we can learn a lot from him.

The first home produced meal was a tasty chicken curry. Allan takes the credit for that and it was followed by a slice of fruitcake made by Vicky, Allan’s wife. Nom, Nom.

Well, time for me to hit the hammock and go through tomorrows plans. Tank is taking us out for our first real day of actually sailing a boat. A 36′ Bavaria which is a small version of this 45 footer. I assume they’ll want to see just what level of knowledge, experience and practical nous the 3 of us have..

Bon soir

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7th April