Round Britain Experience – The Arrival in Brixham

Arrived in Brixham around 10.15am , accompanied by the talented Edd, only to meet gale force 8 winds and rain. We both got drenched walking from the car park to the offices of South West Marine Training (aka ‘SWMT’) where the drying out process was helped and encouraged with a glass of champagne and a buffet.

Principal Neil, his wife Debbie, instructor Duncan (aka ‘Duncs’), instructor Symon (aka ‘Tank’) and fellow crew Neil Porter, together with Allan Gibson and his wife, Vicky , spent a pleasant hour or so getting to know one another. Duncs gave us a guided tour of the yacht after which Edd and Vicky departed leaving Neil, Allan and myself to organise dinner and introduce ourselves. Dinner turned out to be a couple of pints plus fish n chips in one of the local pubs.  (Not too shabby Mumbob, but not T&T!)

Allan and Neil are Man Utd supporters so I kept the talk to the recent rugby.

Back to to the boat for tea and the solving of some technological connection problems – and we found out how to use the Airdrop functionality on our iPhones/iPads.  A very useful sailing skill that will come in handy should we ever find ourselves heading toward a rocky leeshore in Force 9 :-/

No sleep last night and drained after such an exciting day.  Off to my bunk to re-familiarise myself with the intricacies of getting comfortable in a sleeping bag followed, hopefully, by copious amounts of a special study – to wit, the inside of my eyelids.

More photo’s tomorrow (VHF learning day) .