Uh Oh! Ready to go…

I have checked and re-checked the kit list and still don’t know if I have all I need or whether I have too much. Only time will tell. Any surplus will be donated to the local Brixham charity shop – not as jetsam into the English Channel.

So, I have finalised packing (no, really, I have) and will not now change anything – unless, of course, around 3 am on Sunday morning, I suddenly remember that I need that additional t-shirt/fleece/mid-layer/socks/notebook…. Uh Oh! Uh Oh!

The alarm clock is set and we (Edward and I) plan to leave at around 7:30am in order to hit Brixham by late morning and in time for the Round Britain Experience welcoming reception at high noon.

The home crew (Moyna, Edward and India) have organised a small, celebratory goodbye meal which I will join now and close this blog.

So, the next stop is Brixham with its introductions, unpacking and preparation for the start of lessons on Monday morning (VHF Radio).


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5th April



1 thought on “Uh Oh! Ready to go…

  1. Alan

    I can imagine your mixed emotions Tony. I went through excitement apprehension fear and back again on the eve of my crossing. And to think you are going further and for longer in totally different waters. Amazing. It is a dream of mine to circumnavigate the British isles so I’m following your progress with great interest. You will need courage at times but you will get that from the love of your family and friends. So go on ‘my son’.
    Live the dream.
    Alan. (Another sailing nutter)

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