“Gentlemen, start your engines”

A simple email from Neil Penman, Principal of South West Marine Training, to the 4 participants in the first of 2014’s Round Britain Experience, has begun the preparation process that will culminate is us gathering in Brixham on 6th April to begin our adventure.

The practical needs of the expedition have been brought into focus by Neil’s email and its accompanying ‘kit list’. A quick check of my, somehwhat worn, inventory shows that I have most of it and only need to refresh the basics. However, I am simultaneously in a bit of a panic as I’ve only ever day-sailed before so have no experience of what’s really required for a trip of this length. However, as Moyna has reminded me, if I haven’t got it, then a shop or chandlery will not be too far away.

As to my new sailing companions and fellow crew members, Neil has kindly introduced us through his email. So its a banker (me), a police officer, a mechanical design engineer and a energy industry professional who will be brought together on board the Round Britain Experience yacht in a few weeks’ time. (Names to follow)

That’s it for my first blog entry. No jokes. No witicisms. No anecdotes. I sincerely hope my style changes as you’ll all turn off.


14th January