RBE 2014 and Me

RBE2014.com  is my personal blogging site and contains a record of my experiences when sailing round the British Isles during 2014. About which I am very excited, never before having sailed further East than Chichester Harbour nor further West than the Needles.

You can follow my journey by going to The Blogs page on this site.

My journey started on 6th April 2014 out of Brixham, Devon. This will not only be a sailing adventure but a learning experience as, I hope, I’ll be able to pick up some Royal Yachting Association accreditation along the way.

I will be one of 3 crew members who are participating in the first of 2014’s “Round Britain Experience®” which is organised and operated by South West Marine Training in Devon. You will be able to find more specific detail on their official Round Britain Experience® website whose link is listed below. (Note that this, http://www.rbe2014.com, is my personal website and is not connected in any way with Round Britain Experience® or South West Marine Training LLP other than the fact that I am a customer of theirs).

I would not be undertaking this adventure were it not for the encouragement and support of my wonderful friend, Moyna, who also happens to be my wife. Her courage in successfully facing down her cancer has been an inspiration.

And I would not even have started this without those motivational words, attributed to Mark Twain, that got me off my backside in the first place.

Finally, I don’t pretend to be a skilled writer or raconteur. I am simply recording the event for my own pleasure. I hope that you gain as much from reading my notes as I hope to gain from writing them.

Anthony (Tony) Lee

Round Britain Experience® – South West Marine Training – Royal Yachting Association